Womens Puma Ferrari Drift Cat Shoes Feel Delicious And Look Stylish

Long ago in times that you can only see in old movies men used to wear shoes called dancing pumps. They weren’t like high heeled pumps that women wear. They were actually much more like womens Puma Ferrari Drift Cat shoes.

You aren’t likely to see men wearing special shoes for dancing nowadays unless the men are performers. Sometimes you can see dancing pumps in an old movie when there is a formal dance or ball someplace like a palace. You might even see some in The Sound of Music.

The pumps men wore for dancing the Waltz, or the Minuet or the Laendler were sleek and more tailored than cobbled. There was no bulk or excess weight. Only the minimum thickness of sole came between foot and floor.

Lightweight, closely fitted footwear reduced awkwardness and allowed movement to be easier and more precise. The soles of the shoes were thinner and softer which reduced damage to the highly polished floor. They reduced the chances of stepping on a partner’s foot and minimized damage in case of a misstep.

The shoes that in many ways most resemble the dancing pumps of yester-year or those designed for race car drivers. The thin sole gives the driver more control and a better feel for the pedals. Unlike other athletes a race car driver has no use for thick padding in his shoes.

These shoes are different from traditional sport shoes. Joggers and runners need lots of padding to protect their joints from impact. Shoes designed for high impact activities are comfortable and they soon found their way indoors. But they never really looked like they belonged in the office or dining room.

Shoes designed for motor sports are different. Drivers don’t need bulky padded shoes. Their shoes can be streamlined and even elegant looking.

Anyone who loves smart looking footwear will love shoes inspired by motor sports. You don’t have to be a race car driver to wear shoes designed for drivers. You might guess that from the fact that great looking drifter shoes come in kids’ sizes.

These sport-inspired shoes do not compare to women’s ballroom dance shoes. Women’s dance shoes have traditionally been designed to make dancing more of a challenge for women. They are the first thing women want to take off when the dance is over.

Women’s ballroom dance shoes made dancing more challenging for women. People observed that while Fred Astaire was a great dancer his female partners did what he did backwards and in high heels. Pumas may never become the footwear of choice at formal dances but they look good enough to show up in a lot of places where traditional sport shoes would be out of place.

Most women nowadays spend a lot more time driving than they do dancing or playing sports. A good-looking shoe that is designed to make driving easier is a dream come true for the car-pool mom or the commuter. It’s a great feeling to step out of the car for some shopping or errands and know your womens Puma Ferrari Drift Cat shoes will be attracting envious glances.

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