Tips For Traveling To Tokyo For The First Time

If you are traveling to Tokyo for the first time, then you may find it challenging to get used to the pace of life and mood in the city. This can easily leave you feeling lost. The city will most likely feel like a complete world in itself. You should therefore have some tips that will help you have a great time during your stay in Tokyo.

The city is among the largest ones in the world both in size and population. The city is so packed full of structures that you will only have glimpses of the distant mountains. You may be taken aback if you are not used to a packed city life where there are hardly any parks.

The highly developed city of Tokyo does not have a long history, with most of its growth having taken place just within the past two centuries. This means that you will hardly find things that point you back to the ancient Japan. However, you will still get a closer experience with the Japanese traditional culture, particularly in such districts as Bunkyo, Koto, Sumida and Taito because it did not suffer from western influence up to the end of the 1880s.

The majority of the structures found in the city were constructed after 1945, as World War II resulted in massive destruction. Therefore, a visit to Tokyo gives you a good opportunity to study the effects of modern developments rather than having a look at the past.

Do not worry about finding your way around because you do not understand the Japanese language. Many signs on the subways, restaurants and stores are actually written in English. In addition, many Japanese people understand English and they are very helpful to visitors because of their polite nature. However, it is only fair that you also try to learn a few Japanese phrases, which will endear you even more to the locals.

Considering the sheer size of Tokyo, it is not feasible to travel around on foot. Sometimes, several miles separate adjacent district centers. In addition, the streets form a maze where getting lost is very easy. If you know your destination and it is not far from where you are, however, then you may take a walk.

The train is the most common mode of transport in the city. Although the subway and train system is among the best developed in the world, you may still find it confusing at first. Therefore, take some time to know the map and read on the train. You may also consider taking a trip during the non-rush hours where you do not need to transfer to another train.

There are many places that you can visit in Tokyo and it is a good idea to know where you want to go before you start your journey. However, have some time to visit places not included in your itinerary, as this is a good way of having some interesting discoveries.

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