Male Jaguar Ferrari Drift Cat Black Training Shoes

Smartly cut and shaped in black leather, this fashionable footwear for males is an interesting development in shoe design. Designed for maximum comfort and performance, they are fashionable and efficient. Elegance and scientific research come together in the product, mens puma ferrari drift cat black shoes.

The Zulu tyrant Shaka thought up a novel way of turning bare feet into shoes. He forced his soldiers to stamp thorns into the ground with their bare feet which soon became so thick and tough that they were effectively very good army shoes. Zulu soldiers could travel great distances without getting blisters and of course their shoes did not cost anything except pain.

Leather and animal skins have always been used for making shoes. But other materials like grass, wood and jute have also been used. Recently the wooden clog has been replaced by the plastic one which has been designed for more comfort. Rubber, canvas and nylon are also popular materials for footwear. Cinderella’s elegant slipper was made of glass, but it was famously difficult to fit.

In the Renaissance fops and dandies wore cloth shoes with very long toes. These designs fell out of favour after some celebrated cases of men getting tangled up in their own toes as they tried to escape from dangerous situations. Long toes were replaced by rounded toe caps and buckles were used to fasten the shoes around the feet

During the industrial revolution shoes became more practical and robust. Thick soles and hard toe caps were suitable for the practical activities of working men. The Duke of Wellington noticed that his men struggled to walk through thick mud wearing leather boots. He ordered tall rubber boots for his troops and these Wellington boots are believed to have been instrumental in the Duke’s famous victory over the French at Waterloo.

Two world wars occupied human intelligence and endeavour for much of the twentieth century. Army boots made of thick leather shod the feet of millions of men. Sports shoes were derived from army designs. Rugby boots were made of heavy leather and had studs screwed into the soles to prevent slippage. Long distance races were run in canvas tennis shoes with soft rubber soles. They offered very little protection from jarring or chafing and frequently tore the toe nails from athletes’ feet in the course of a race.

During the post modern period after the wars beatniks and hippies made their own sandals following any design that did not seem too conventional. During this time the first shoes were designed for the specific activities such as jogging, training or playing specific games.

They became lighter, and were designed to support the foot and withstand jarring. Soon shoes were being designed for different types of athlete in mind. Now we have the ultimate running show such as Mens Puma Ferrari Drift Cat Men’s Training shoes. They meet the most stringent performance criteria, but also have the elegance of fashion shoes. Strength and beauty are combined.

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