Maintaining a Drift

Right then Lets get started, This tutorial is for medium-advanced drifters If you want to learn the basics of drifting then visit my tutorial article named: LEARN HOW TO DRIFT. Master that then come back here and learn more advanced techniques, tips and tricks.

 Holding the angle

This Technique is used mainly in competitive drifting when linking corners that are not directly after one another and there is a slight straight in-between the two. This method is only for use when the two corners you are attempting to link are the same direction. For example corner one is a right hander, slight straight then into corner two another right hander.

When exiting corner 1 instead of doing the normal thing and counter steering away from the apex and smoothly powering out I want you to try something different. What I need you to do is going to contradict everything i taught you in the first tutorial but don’t start hating me just yet 😉 you will soon learn that all these technique’s will be mixed up in any one lap. You will use 1 technique for one corner and another technique for others.

Right that said let’s get to the nitty gritty. Instead of exiting like normal when you leave the apex don’t counter steer away from the apex fully. Bring the steering wheel back to the neutral position (IE: As if you where traveling down a straight road) and us the throttle to maintain the angle.

This is where it gets really really tricky for the novice drifterIts hard to believe until you do it but once you have lost rear end traction and your sideways you can actually steer the car using nothing but the throttle. (Sound unbelievable, try it) now the way I’m going to explain this makes it sound very easy but trust me it’s not. This is a very very simplified explanation to try and explain how it works.


when leaving a right hand corner if you where to fully accelerate with the steering wheel in neutral you would inevitably drift tighter to the right and probably end up spinning out in a cloud of smoke. on the other hand if you where to completely lift off the accelerator the rear end would grip, the car would shoot to the left and you would probably end up spinning off in a cloud of smoke in the other direction.

That being said you can use this to your advantage if you can find the happy medium. This is difficult master and takes a hell of a lot of practice but the trick is to not take it to the extremes.

when exiting if your loosing your drift angle apply more throttle but just a bit until your used to this technique. it is also not a rule to leave the steering wheel in the neutral position this just helps when entering this process. so also if your loosing your drift angle you can always steer back into the drift as well as applying a little more throttle

You’re probably getting the gist of this now so ill be quick. if you start to gain more angle than you need and are on the verge of spinning out loosen off the throttle slightly but when this happens try  to refrain from counter-steering at this point as it will put you all out of shape and on the road to straightening out. if this happens, Forget it, Concentrate on the next corner as this drift is over you won’t get it back so don’t  jeopardize the next corner by trying to correct it as it won’t happen.

the only thing left to cover now is your approach to the next corner. Pretty simple really if you’ve got this far you’re getting pretty advanced.

When approaching the next corner you need to be turning it in a little earlier than usual and applying loads more power than you usually do but don’t worry about that it won’t increase your speed dramatically because you’re already mid-drift. the trick when turning in is to a apply a very sharp very quick short burst of steering as if to snap the rear end further out and your away you’re already half way through your second corner and I’m sure you know what to do from here don’t ya!

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