Left China Days, Drift In The West

Mi Luoxi location in Hunan Hunan has been training young experts Wang Shihai former Greentown replaced since then, he bid farewell to football, has been floated in the West.
In fact, the Miluo Xi is a genuine first come to China to teach for the former Yugoslavia coach, Wholesale football shirt shop even the all-powerful Santrac is over after him. However, in comparison, and Sonny, Mi Luoxi that in addition to third in Sichuan, has been the lack of sufficient performance to their team coach to add weight to a higher level. 7 years in China, he basically is not the end of the season to be driven after class.
Latter half of 2006 after school, Mi Luoxi go to the Middle East. For many of the former Yugoslavia coach, in addition to this market in China, another colony of their survival is the West, and a good number of big-name coaches like Petkovic this level with the national team coach can go in the Middle East Some of the clubs, to the annual salary is high, a small number of well-known coach, you can only choose not to occupy the mainstream in the Arab world, Bahrain, Oman, Syria and other countries led the league to go.
Miluo Xi is like China, Chongqing in 2003 he coached before, but also received from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia world cup football shirt and Slovenia’s invitation, but he chose to Lifan. “I can not forget the Chinese, from Chinese club any invitation to me, as long as good faith, and I are willing to accept.”
Mi Luoxi leaving China, received a team from Bahrain linked invited him to a season coaching there. This is a middle in Bahrain is the team, the greatest honor the history of the 2002/03 season is to get a cup of Bahrain, and that the club is not the best team in football, but volleyball. This is not the first time Miluo Xi Bahrain team coach, left the Lifan 2003, he went to the Bahrain Islamic coach Terry Law, which is the 1995/97 season he coached the team. Later, he Lifan Hunan many players with too, so he was early termination of the contract with the club came to China in Bahrain, but did not think had wages and are forced to leave things.
Coached one season in Bahrain, the Mi Luoxi returned to his hometown of Rijeka, where the three-tier league club gave Gloria the club than the middle of the coach made a season, 1993/94 season, where he also taught . Season before coming to China is the second in Oman through the league, the coach of the team is DHOFAR. Italian Football Shirts This is also Miluo Xi’s old club, the 1994/95 season, he was here goof. It seems difficult to explain why the third Miluo Xi returned to Hunan, because he is a man of nostalgia.
Mi Luoxi the time most players have their own dedicated Rijeka, 1975 to 1984, he represented the team played 618 games. Moreover, from 1979 to 1981, Rijeka club hired a legendary figure in their history, in this year’s Super League, he is definitely the man, this person is Blazevic.

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