Is Your Partner Drifting Away From You? Pull Yourself Together and Stop a Break Up Now

Is your partner drifting away from you? Are they acting cold and somehow distant? Are they avoiding sexual contact with you? Are they moody, irritable and prone to fights when you are around? Breaking up and losing someone you love could be a traumatizing heartbreaking experience. But it doesn’t have to be this way if you get down to action now and stop the break up on time.

The worst thing you can do when losing your partner is being miserable, desperate and clingy. No one needs the needy. No matter how hard it might be don’t beg for a second chance and don’t cry. You don’t want your partner back in your arms because they feel sorry for you. You want to rebuild your relationship on solid ground, not on feelings of pity and guilt.

Don’t pressure them to spend more time together . Apparently they need space and time right now to sort everything out in their head. Let theme breathe and don’t crowd their space.

Listen. Talk to them without getting defensive or blaming them for what went wrong. Simply listen patiently and absorb what they have to say.

Think about the shortcomings of the relationship and why it is going downhill. Write a list of things that you can improve in yourself and the way you act towards your partner.

Take time to work on your appearance. Whether we admit it or not physical attraction matters for the long term success of relationships.

Be confident and positive. It might be counterintuitive but exuding confidence at this moment can only benefit you.

There are a lot of successful strategies and methods you can use to stop an impending break up. Pull yourself together , don’t let the emotions overwhelm you and stay focused.

Salvaging your relationship is just a matter of strategy, effort and patience now.

Author: Irena Bocheva
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