How to Drift Off to Sleep

In today’s hectic world it can sometimes be difficult to get the sleep you so desperately need. At the end of a long day of stress it can be difficult to turn off your brain and relax your body so that you can sleep. Here are some easy suggestions as to how to drift off to sleep.

Unless you are a sheep farmer, counting sheep is not likely to be a helpful way to fall asleep. However, the idea of distracting your brain by asking it to do mundane tasks is a good plan. Often when we lay down to sleep, we find that our brain continues to run through all the things we still need to accomplish or other things that may raise our stress levels. You need to give you brain something else to focus on so your body can relax. Counting or reciting the alphabet backwards works for some. For others it may be more useful to try to remember everything in your junk drawer or try to remember all the CDs you own. It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as it distracts your brain from whatever stress you may be feeling.

Some also find it helpful to do deep breathing exercises. This is a simple form of meditation and if done correctly can help lift the weight of stress off your body and mind so you can sleep. Take a deep breath, as deep as you can. Hold it for a few seconds and then let it out slowly. Imagine the stress leaving your body with every exhalation. Focus in on your muscles and try to physically relax them as you breathe. Imagine yourself as a rag doll with no muscle tone and try to keep breathing deeply until you reach that goal. This does take a bit of practice, but it can be a very effective way to relax and fall asleep.

The bottom line is that as long as you are worrying about things you are not likely to get a good nights sleep. Whatever you can do to distract your brain from the day’s stresses and relax your body will help you drift off to sleep.

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