Workshop Anecdotes? Send them to Driftless!

For this next issue, we invite our readers who have instructive, funny, or even tragic non-fiction anecdotes from creative writing workshops to submit them for our next issue.  Follow our regular submission guidelines, except write “Workshop Anecdote” in the subject line.  For more information, stop by our booth at the upcoming Associated Writing Program conference bookfair.  Try to keep your anecdotes less than two pages in length.

(By the way, at the bookfair we’ll be collecting workshop one-liners.  Stop by and write one on out chalkboard.)

At our table at the AWP bookfair in Minneapolis this April 9-11, we’ll also have a board where you can share your best workshop one-liners.  Yes, we may publish some of the more memorable lines.  For a running update, check our Facebook page or follow us @DriftlessRev