Rosemary Carroll

I am sick of six am-


the sun rising over my bones like butter melted through dry bread

eyes sticky with syrupy sleep and obligations long forgotten

let me lie here as the birds pick teeth from my body

as the rushing of my head cools into the ocean salt

let me sink into a flour bed and rise with the beeping of an alarm

heat baking me into something light and useful

don’t make me sift through weeks of heavy words

to find the sugar snap peace inside my brain

I am sick with hunger

for a time that is not now

let me whittle away the hour with paring knives

devour the core of it, leaving half-minutes and seconds for later

sink my teeth into my pillow and turn until the light grills my back medium-rare

I will sate my hunger with fantasies of a place that is not here


Rosemary Carroll is a mathematics major at the University of Wisconsin in Platteville, and has been writing poetry and prose since elementary school. She is continuing to pursue poetry writing in her time outside of the university, and is currently attempting to write at least a few poems without referencing food.