Rodney Wittwer

Who Called for the Boat? Who Got Off Early? Who’s Bitter?

We sang a treaty then went to dinner

feasted on oysters & ram washed down

with flagons of Sancerre & wit

& later resembling a happy couple

embarked upon a tour of the sincere body.


Mother-of-cactus, rimmed with salt,

worm, grimace & shout,

minister to all who show up

with a plate-filling knack.


Then rush off for a wake

the second the first dish

gets lowered to the sink.


Scribes scurried about & I think

one of us had a fever.


I’m not joking: sign here.


Rodney Wittwer’s poetry has appeared in journals such as Barrow Street,  DIAGRAM, The Literary Review, Memorious, Mead, Pleiades, Ploughshares and Verse Daily, among others.  His first book, Gone & Gone, was published in September, 2012 by Red Hen Press, and he was awarded a 2012 Artist Fellowship from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.  He lives in W. Medford, MA. bio-rodney