Issue 1.0

 Issue 1.0 (Spring 2013)




Fleda Brown

Daily Poem


Love Letter, with Martin Luther

Justin Bigos

Three Rooftops

Kyle McCord

Your Dream of Unfaithfulness After Unfaithfulness, Tracy

October is Beast Month, Melissa Burton

Sonnet for Betsy Seen Through Bracken Pond

Liz Countryman

Above the Newspaper Poem

Matthew Guenette

Morning After The Comet Pill

I’m free to do what I want any old time

Rita Mae Reese

How to Lose a Leg

What Her Mother Knew When She Heard

Rodney Wittwer

Who Called for the Boat? Who Got Off Early? Who’s Bitter?

Samuel Amadon

The Pennsylvania Station Sequence




Bonnie Jo Campbell

Molly’s Bed

Lydia Conklin

What the Kid Does

Matthew Fiander

The Smell of Cordite

Paul Crenshaw

Trivial Pursuit

Samuel Snoek-Brown

Driftless Sands: A Dialogue Between the Midwest and the Middle East

Visual Art


Lydia Conklin

Cigar Gum


I Am An Eagle

Emerging Writers


Jacob Reecher

On the Rocks

Jennifer Kerske

Grief Jar

Kaela Mellen

The Dream Sequence

Matthew Mutiva

What’s your favorite color?