Matt Mutiva

Jesus Piece


Jesus goes to church and reads reassuring hymns to boost his heavenly ego.
I was there and watched him take all the credit.
We left church and threw our pamphlets on the ground, then I ran back to pick up mine because I needed something to roll on.

We hop in my man’s car and smoke on while listening to gospel music.
I tell Jesus I can’t spit to this, but 10 minutes into this smoke session I tell my guy in front to turn it up!
Jesus says “You don’t know what high is, I’m from heaven.””Nigga fuck you!” I tell Jesus. Then I ask for his forgiveness. Now Jesus won’t pass the blunt even after I repented.

Our car has more clouds than heaven and Jesus can’t tell the difference.
“Aye, what was that shit the pastor was saying about the rapture?” Jesus says.
Wait, I got it, I got. “And the lord said, thou must puff-eth and give-ith”
“That ain’t it.” Jesus says
Jesus realizes he can’t go to hell and smiles hard.

We drive around the city, in a jittery jamboree, gawking at the party goes, figuring out what party to go to. We pull over and walk into a random house. We go down the basement and everyone is wearing a costume.
“Is this hell?” Jesus asks “Wait, I can’t go in here” he pleads
“This is Justin’s crib,” I correct him.


Matthew Mutiva is that feeling you get when your favorite song comes on the radio, but when you listen to it, you realize you just caught the end of it, and now you’re pissed. In his senior year of college, he is an English Education major with a Creative Writing minor at the University of Wisconsin Platteville. He plays rugby for UW-Platteville Men’s Rugby Club, is a Writing Tutor on campus, and is the Public Relations Representative for the Black Student Union. His poem “Offended,” was awarded second place for the poetry portion of the 2014 Thomas Hickey Creative Writing contest, and another poem of his, “What’s your favorite color?” was awarded first place for the poetry portion of the 2013 Thomas Hickey Creative Writing contest as well.