Kaleigh Dunn

Laundry List of Lines I Like

Bone to bone and soil to stone,
Water is not wine but Jesus milked
Prophet’s liquid into gold.
A knight with the eyes of his horse,
laid a sword down for the pen
and they called him scholar.

True story:
Mark Twain was famed for
drinking the blood of white men,
chasing it with whiskey
to bleed out on the page.
and they called him author.

True story,
I once had my lips kissed
with chilled skin, crisp apple’s flesh.
He cut his teeth to carve
a diamond engagement
and with this he called me poet.

Guard the coat pocket
you hold to your heart
and they call you scholar.
Receive a degree
and they call you doctor.
I picked up a pen
and they cast me away as

But this will widen heads and level eyes
to see the world from one’s reprise.
Once permeable, now permanent,
I talk of stones in terms of skies.

A Testimony from the Tortfeasor’s Lover

I stopped the man who had my silver ring
and ran with it like gold.
Don’t you see, officer,
I stopped the man that hid behind
pressed hands, peered between,
and curled, nesting finger pads
in valleys of my December cracked knuckles.
And somehow in plain sight
slipped the somber-shining bands
and bonds
left his prints upon my hand.

Don’t you see counselor, counsel?
He tore through a daze and the knights
and so overwought, he cried
in a crowded church
and made the priest’s skin unfurl.
He cried
to the streetlight
keeping quiet, but now keeps light
trimmed and burning with relief.

And now here,
we are.

Your honor, and gentry of the court,
I stopped that man after his grin stole
a dealers deck of cards.
When His cheek met the queen of hearts
that graced an honest hand,
I stopped that man.
The one who tainted summer’s silver
and smelt it into gold.


Kaleigh Dunn has studied journalism at University of Wisconsin, Platteville. In the spring of 2014, she will join Edgewood College’s English program, and is looking forward to a fresh start.
 Kaleigh Dunn