Kaela Mellen

The Dream Sequence

I am riding a bike. The faster I peddle, the faster it

dissolves into the pavement.

I don’t panic

because I know my way around this joy-forsaken town.

But the citizens dressed for prom pour out of nearby shops

and begin stacking Ford Explorers at every roadway, refusing to let me pass.

I panic because I am trapped in this joy-forsaken town.


There’s a man without a face standing at the end of an aisle.


Dumbledore, perched on the edge of the Astronomy tower, looks out into

the night sky. He is sobbing into his robe;

I don’t have to tell him, because he already knows he’s my Grandfather;

he jumps

and tackles me to the stone-cold ground.


The man without a face is waiting for me in the empty cathedral.


I am on a desolate playground

with my bare skin pressed against the searing metal of the slide. As I scream,

I am harboring hatred for the potential between my legs.


The man without a face shouts something swallowed by echoing wedding bells.


I am furiously shaking my newborn son

when zombies begin to attack our Victorian home. While slashing their undead bodies,

they overtake my newborn son and

I watch as he is eaten alive.


The man without a face shuffles his heavy-leaded feet.

I hold you in my arms as your life oozes out of your chest.

You whisper “I love you,” and your irises grow milky.

I should be sobbing, but in the reflection of your eyes I see


I am the man without a face.

Kaela Mellen is a senior psychology major at UW-Platteville, who has a passion for poetry. Her poems have been featured at the Undergraduate Research & Creative Endeavors Symposium and The Poetics of Identity Panel for the Midwest Culturally Inclusive Conference (September of 2012). bio-kaela