Justin Brunner

Kon Tum Kid

I found a scar on my arm I
forgot I’d made there
in the shape of a boot
with a glass knife while skyping
one of my old platoonmates.

In a letter he’d told me
not to come to Kon Tum
or I’d never make another day
whole. He told me through
his gunmetal mustache, through
a thousand miles of copper wire,
to find a waitress in a family
restaurant who was working
her way through school

to be a vet. Not that kind of vet, he said,
one that heals dying animals
because she might be able to heal


Justin Brunner is an undergraduate Senior at University of Wisconsin – Platteville majoring in English – Professional Writing. He is both a fiction writer and poet whose work covers topics as diverse as family systems, post-apocalyptic depression, cooking, church youth groups, and pre-natal visions of omniscient cuttlefish. He resides in Monroe, WI, where he is very happy. Justin Brunner