Erin Leary

Poetry Will Have to Wait


Like lines in a song, the outline of the horizon was revealed as the sun rose higher. Poetry, almost – two parallel lines, trees hovering like clouds. They became more distinct as he shook his head, trying to clear his vision.

This night had been longer than most. His watch seemed to go on, the sounds of the forest around him echoing against the mist. He’d never been happier to see a sun rise.

Wiping his eyes one more time, he lowered his gun, sighting the horizon, waiting for movement.

Poetry would have to wait.


Erin Leary has been a closeted writer for years, only recently daring to share some of that writing with others. After attending the Salt Cay Writer’s Retreat last fall, she has completed a novel that is in the hands of an agent and is holding her breath—while continuing to write flash fiction. When not writing, Erin manages an International IT organization for a large company and has her BA degree in International Relations from Stanford University.