The Driftless Review is published by Platteville Poets, Writers and Editors, LLC, an organization dedicated to showcasing the works of emerging and established writers whose creative journeys have in some way brought them through the  Driftless Region: the distinctive landscape of rolling hills and river valleys which join southwest Wisconsin, southeast Minnesota, and northeast Iowa.  While we do showcase local writers, we accept submissions from anyone.

We’re funded largely by our patrons and subscribers.

We would particularly like to thank the English program at UW-Platteville, especially the creative writers on the faculty and staff who have recommended student readers and interns and who have brought nationally recognized poets and writers to UW-Platteville for readings and to work with their students.  We would also like to thank the UW-Platteville Writing Center and the editors of the Stylus writing anthology for their expertise in development and  production.  Finally, we’d like to thank our webmaster Victor Castro for the hours of work he put in to help us get this first issue designed and launched. 

The help and support of all of you has truly made producing the Driftless Review a joy.  Thank you!